One month in….

We have been in Foley, AL at Bella Terra RV Resort now for a little over 2.5 weeks and LIFE IS GOOD! There is a definite difference between the word Resort and Campground and we hit the jackpot here. As we pulled in we said, “We’re not in NH anymore!”

We left NH on October 29th, and worked our way down to Alabama. We overnighted at a variety of different venues. There were the proverbial “free” Walmart parking lots, a Cabela’s parking lot and a casino lot as well as campgrounds and state parks. I’ll be doing a post later on the different types and all that they had to offer…and they all offered something!

As is common with New Englanders, the most often asked question was “How’s the weather?”; that is until the BIG snowstorm dumped almost 2 feet of snow and now no one is asking about our weather! But I will say, there are warm days and there are cool days. Of course, we really like the warm days! Our journey from NH had us encountering some pretty chilly days and nights, but nothing a small space heater and an extra blanket couldn’t take care of.

We are acclimating to the life of retirees as well as that of full-time RVers for now. More on that to come and how we have made ourselves a pretty cozy little home! In the meantime, we will continue forward with our adventure and keep you looped in as we go.

It really is ONE AMAZING LIFE…

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  1. Sherry Fitzsimmons says:

    Look forward to the blog

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